Brooke Banner has one thing on her mind. “Sex, baby,” she purrs. “I’m all about sex. I not only love it, but I need it all the time. That’s why I got into modeling and porn in the first place, so I’d have the freedom to get it on whenever and with whomever I want. I can’t imagine doing anything else for a living.” Besides stripping down for still shoots or having sex in front of the camera, this energetic siren loves to light up the night. “Living close to Las Vegas is so great because I love to stay up late partying and dancing. When I was growing up in Florida, I was bored and restless all the time. There was nothing to do but go to the Dairy Queen. In Vegas you never run out of things or guys to do. It’s a 24-hour party.” Asked to fill us in on her future plans, the tantalizing tart exclaims, “More porn! More sex! More fun! I just finished my 200th film, and I hope to do at least 200 more. Maybe someday I’ll set up my own production company or maybe even run a cool club. Whatever I do, it’s going to involve sex and partying.”