Ever wonder why a young girl-next-door would pack up and hightail it to the West Coast to do XXX videos? For Midwesterner Casey Parker, it was a nympho’s dream-come-true. “I had seen a lot of adult films,” the pint-size newbie tells us, “and it looked liked fun. Plus they turned me on. I think to a certain extent I was bored and needed some excitement in my life. So I wrote a letter to Shane’s World, and they signed me to do some films. I flew out and decided being a porn starlet was for me.” Now Casey is also getting exposure as a nude model. “This is my first layout,” she says, “and I’m so excited because HUSTLER is such a great magazine. The photo-shoot was so much fun. I laughed and joked around the whole time. I loved posing for you guys!” What does this naughty young lady look for in a dude? “I’m not a girlie girl,” Casey asserts, “but I love when a man is a gentleman and opens a door for me. He has to be confident, but not cocky. Plus, he has to like sex—a lot! I need it every day at least once. My record is eight times in a day. Oh, and it really turns me on to have my hair pulled. I like girls, too. I actually had a serious girlfriend for six months. Right now I’m just kind of single and looking to play the field. I’ll go home with a guy or a girl, depending on my mood that day.” When not working, Casey has easily assimilated to life in sunny Southern California. “I love to surf, play soccer— basically anything that gets me sweaty,” she chirps. “I also love to write and am working on a book right now about my life and the crazy world of porn I’ve stepped into.” Does Casey want to be a novelist someday? “I don’t know what will happen in the future,” she coos. “I just sort of go with the flow.”