Be gentle with Hanna, folks. This is her very first time. “I’ve never been in a nude magazine layout before,” the statuesque beauty discloses. “I hope the readers like me.” With her country-girl looks and winning smile (not to mention legs that don’t quit and a pair of massive mammaries), she’s sure to be a HUSTLER favorite. Speaking of Hanna’s hills, are they real? “They sure are,” the newcomer insists. “I swear. I guess things just grow bigger in Indiana.” Now that she has an explicit spread under her belt, Hanna is eager to make it big. “I really hope to make a living at both nude and mainstream posing,” she says. “There would be nothing better than doing this full-time.” For recreation the Hoosier hottie is just as eager. “I love going to the beach, swimming, camping, four-wheeling and hiking,” Hanna tells us. “I’m into all sorts of outdoor stuff.” Even getting down-and-dirty in nature? “Well, that’s kind of personal,” the natural wonder chirps, “but I once had sex at a truck stop. That’s about as daring as I get. I’m very traditional when it comes to sex. I only do guys, and I like the missionary position.” Does the ultrashapely goddess have any long-range aspirations? “I don’t think about the future too much,” Hanna concedes. “Right now I’m pretty open to whatever comes my way in life as long as it’s fun!”