Katsumi (born April 9, 1979 in Paris, France) is a porn star of French/Vietnamese extraction who's known for her anal sex scenes and renowned for her ability to deepthroat as well as manage large penises. Her father is Vietnamese and her mother is French.

According to Katsumi's diary at MySpace, she has won 27 awards in both Europe and the U.S. The names of the awards Katsumi won illustrate her great versatility and talent as a porn actress. She has won four anal sex awards, including the 2004 "Best Anal Sex Scene" NINFA award at The International Erotic Film Festival in Barcelona, and three AVN "Best Anal Sex Scene" awards in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Some of her other awards include "Best Foreign Couple Scene" (2003 and 2004), "Best Lesbian Scene" (2004), "Best Tease Performance" (2006), and "Best Actress" (10 awards).

Katsumi has also appeared in Penthouse magazine.

She works both in France and Los Angeles.

Katsumi, according to her MySpace page, is an Atheist.

Katsumi is actually a Japanese first name. It's a French and English jeu de mots (pun) with Cat and soumis (submissive in French).