“I was born in Tacoma Washington August 28, 1983 and I moved to Portland, Oregon when I was 13, so Portland is where I call home.

I got into the Adult Biz when I was 19, when my friend Rose who was in the business for a minute invited me onto a set. I really didn’t know what to think about the business at the time; I thought most likely it was going to be in some sleazy back alley motel somewhere. I was shocked to pull up to a beautiful house in Malibu and meet some of the coolest free spirited people I have ever met. I was surprised.

That day I watched Emily Da Vinci have sex in front of me. It was eye opening. I had seen a lot of things but I had never seen a pornstar at work. I was totally enthralled. The director Pat Myne asked me if I would ever do a “scene”. I didn’t think twice. I said YES. It was really new and eye opening to see people so open sexually while being clean, safe and carefree. I wanted to be that way.