We’ve always wondered why Lanny Barby, one of the most gorgeous women in adult entertainment, didn’t pursue a career as a mainstream actress. “I’m a really sensual person,” the curvy Canadian proudly proclaims. “This is the perfect job. I started in porn about five seconds after my 18th birthday. While I was modeling in Quebec, I knew a girl who was stripping, and she introduced me to the right people. I credit photographer Suze Randall for making me a star.” Our boundless curiosity leads us to how lovely Lanny spends her precious leisure time. “Oh, boy, is masturbation considered a hobby?” she chuckles. “I don’t know why, but even after a hot day on a movie set, I still find myself doing it. I love to fill up the tub for a hot bubble bath and then work my fingers into my pussy and go to town.” Not one to be cooped up for long, Lanny also enjoys going to the beach and traveling. Her favorite destination? “I love Spain,” the busty brunette chirps. As for lovers, Lanny is selective and salacious. “I like a guy with a lot of character,” she stresses. “Strong men turn me on. I really don’t like soft men. I also have a no-holes-barred policy.” No holes?! “Yep!” the hottie exclaims. “I’m even into anal if the guy has the right-sized cock. It just shouldn’t be a monster.” It appears Lanny plans to stick around for a while. “I’m starting my own company, Lanny Barby Productions,” she tells us, “and I hope to make more films.” After that? “Maybe buy a house and get lazy. The future is not that important, since we have no control over it. I live every day to the fullest with no regrets.” We see bright things in the sexy lady’s future. In fact, we think Lanny Barby is the next Jenna Jameson.