Born in Colombia, this curvy cutie is living the American dream. Lisa was only two when her family moved to Southern California, and since turning 18, the zesty Latina has been making a good living just by sharing her pretty smile and luscious body with the world. I am lucky enough to work full-time as a print model and pose for my Web site, she says. Ive done everything from catalogs to lingerie shoots. Its a great job. But taking off her clothes seems to have added even more appeal. I have always felt more sexy when Im naked, Lisa confides. So this type of work is my favorite. I want to do as many magazine spreads as possible. For fun, Lisa loves the great outdoors. Im really into hiking, swimming and surfing, she tells us. Ive spent the last couple of months riding around on jet-skis. There is nothing Im not willing to try. The craziest thing to date would be skydiving. Twice! The first time was for a shoot, and I did it totally topless. That was so amazing! You will never feel more alive than when you are flying through the air feeling like youre gonna die! What makes Ms. Daniels lose control when shes not jumping from an airplane? Foreplay! she squeals. A lot of kissing and touching turns me on and makes me come. Plus, I love to talk dirty and be talked dirty to. That really gets me wet. I guess Im a little bisexual because I like to take girls home and play with them, but theyre not for having relationships with. Lisa also admits to having a wild side. I once straddled a guy and fucked him as he was driving down the highway. We could have crashed because he was going so fast. We didnt. We came!