Since July 1974, HUSTLER Magazine has been a beacon of free speech and expression. To celebrate our 32nd anniversary, we now present tantalizing covergirl McKenzie Lee, who flashes back in time to entertain General George Washington and his weary troops as they cross the icy Delaware River during the Revolutionary War. Thanks for being loyal readers of HUSTLER and Happy Fourth of July! Damn, itís great to be an American, isnít it?

Lee has stated that her mother was "always very sexually open" and "a nymphomaniac". She also has said that her father was "a very well-to-do straight-laced kind of guy" and that he "raised me ever since I was kinda five years old". She started dancing at a stripclub in Birmingham, then later moving to dance at clubs in London. She worked a total of six years as a stripper. She also worked for a time as a cheerleader for Leicester City F.C. Lee started with making adult movies in Europe, filming with firms such as Private Media and "almost everyone in the UK that's worth anything to work for". She initially did girl-girl only, then started filming scenes with her then-boyfriend Marcus London, and then with other guys.