Natasha is nice: ďI love the fact that guys right now are pleasuring themselves to these photos. I think I have a hot body, and Iím flattered that someone would get off just by looking at me. God has blessed me with the ability to give pleasure, and I need to share that gift with as many people as possible.Ē Natasha is also nasty: ďThere is nothing that I wonít do when it comes to sex. I will try anything once, and if it gets me off, Iíll do it again and again. I recently discovered anal, and now I canít keep a cock out of my ass. Some people think anal sex is dirty, but I think itís fucking hot!Ē Natasha is now single: ďI had this really possessive boyfriend who never let me have any fun. A couple of times I picked up another hot girl at a bar and brought her home to play. My boyfriend just freaked out. I canít be with a guy who doesnít think a threesome is a good idea. Thatís only one of the reasons why I just dumped him.Ē Being nice, nasty, single and drop-dead gorgeous makes Natasha perfect in our book.